I remember seeing the excited group slowly gather under the cloud sculpture and thinking: this is going to be special.
The fact that not only the flight was the first of its kind, to my knowledge, but also to the largest furry convention to date, made the whole thing even more amazing.
 – Drek Bat

With about 70 party animals onboard, you’d expect some stories and memorable moments to appear. Hence, I’ve found collections of stories onboard. From anecdotes, to tweets, to videos. What better way to witness an experience than from the people themselves?


“This experience really added that much more to an already amazing convention… (Mike) went above and beyond to ensure things went as smoothly as possible” – Ziggy

“I had a fantastic time! …the experience was something to remember. If you decide to do it again next year then I’d totally do it again
But yeah, despite like maybe one hiccup, legitimately the most fun I’ve ever had on a plane” – Feilen
“Thanks so, so much for making this wild fever dream of flying furries a reality, and a successful one at that.” – RD

The Tweets

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Surprisingly, not that much footage was taken on the flight. If any was taken, it’s been locked up in hard drives and unpublished.

That being said, one passenger did record the outbound boarding flight… or at least the terminal suiting part:

Likewise, FurFlight was featured heavily in the first portion of this retrospective montage:

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