Now Boarding: Texas FurFlight (& FurFlight Accessories)

At a Glance: We’ve launched FurFlight services from both coasts. You can read a summary info as well as sign up for West Coast or the East Coast in these two links.


After the success of 2017’s Midwest FurFlight, we at Canis Vulpes have been asked what other conventions we’ll be serving. We brought this question to you to see where you all wanted to go and you answered loud and clear. As a result, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our first of four major FurFlight services for 2019: Texas FurFlight.

This new FurFlight service connects furries from both coasts to the Lone Star convention in direct, stress-free comfort. We have four conveniently-timed flights from four areas into Dallas: Northern California via SFO, Pacific Northwest via Seattle, New England via Boston, and the central East Coast via DC. As with Midwest FurFlight, our West Coast service will be operated by Alaska Airlines, with East Coast service operated by JetBlue. Our FurFlight services leave on Thursday March 28, return Monday April 1, and go as scheduled:

West Coast #TXFurFlights

  • PNW (From Seattle)
    • 3/28 Depart SEA 8:12 AM, Arrive in Love Field 2:28 PM
    • 4/1 Depart Love Field 4:05 PM, Arrive in SEA 6:45 PM
  • NorCal (From SFO)
    • 3/28 Depart SFO 11:50 AM, Arrive in Love Field 5:22 PM
    • 4/1 Depart Love Field 2:30 PM, Arrive SFO 4:33 PM

East Coast #TXFurFlights

  • New England (From BOS)
    • 3/28 Depart BOS 2:22 PM, Arrive in DFW 5:50 PM
    • 4/1 Depart DFW 10:51 AM, Arrive in BOS 3:21 PM
  • Central EC (From DCA)
    • 3/28 Depart DCA 11:50 AM, Arrive in DFW 5:50 PM
    • 4/1 Depart DFW 10:51 AM, Arrive DCA 6:38 PM

All FurFlight services will include 1 free checked bag and a complimentary shuttle from Dallas’ Airports to The Hyatt (TFF’s Main Hotel) and the Overflow. In addition, we’re introducing new ways to pay for your FurFlight experience!

Within the first month of this announcement (up until November 2), you can take part in Early Bird Pricing: All FurFlight levels save for the Pupper Class package will be available for roughly half the cost. After November 2nd, all FurFlight prices will go up to full fare.

Want to claim a seat but unable to pay full price? We now accept deposit options when you select your flight level! Just pay 25% the price and you’ll pay the rest 60 days prior to flight. Keep in mind that this 25% is nonrefundable should you need to cancel. Texas FurFlight prices are round trip and are as follows:

The FurFlight Experience

All FurFlight Services share one common goal: to bring the fun of the furry con to the journey itself. Hang with your friends before you get to the con, pretend to be an animal in the terminal, avoid the dreaded PCD on the way back and turn your trip into something more than idle time in a metal tube! As mentioned above, all FurFlight Services include 1 free checked bag, fursuit Photo-Ops in the terminal, and a complimentary shuttle to the con with all the warm and friendly Canis Vulpes service. That being said, some amenities may differ depending on which side of the country you’re departing from.

West Coast FurFlight Offerings

Our Northern California and Pacific Northwest FurFlight Services will be operated by Alaska Airlines on spacious and cozy Embraer 175 Jets. These planes are slightly smaller than the Boeing or Airbus fleet used for Midwest FurFlight, but offer plenty of neat features that may make it better than any large jet! First, there’s no middle seat in the Main Cabin where most of FurFlight will be seated. Second, the Main Cabin seats are both wider and have more legroom than the Alaska Boeing fleet. Finally, the windows on an Embraer are larger allowing you to better enjoy the views! Plus, those who purchase our Pupper Class Package will get to enjoy a solo First Class seat that just so happens to be both an Aisle and Window seat. In addition, all West Coast FurFlight Guests can enjoy:

  • Free telegram messaging on own device
  • A wide selection of free entertainment, streamed to device of your choice
  • Free Cookies and artisan West Coast-inspired fusion meals
  • Seasonal Craft Beers
  • Faster boarding and deplaning

East Coast FurFlight Offerings

Over in Boston and DC, we are excited to team up with JetBlue and offer the most free stuff and comfort while in the sky. Modern A320s will whisk you away with the spacious seats – about as much legroom as most domestic first class seats – as well the fastest WiFi available. All East Coast FurFlight Guests can enjoy:

  • Free High-Speed Satellite WiFi
  • Free Live TV, Satellite Radio, and On-Demand Movies from the seatback screen
  • Unlimited choice of free, full-size snacks
  • 34″ of Legroom

Want in?

We are in the process of making a new FurFlight website for you all to enjoy, but we are opening early bird sign-ups today!

Those interested in West Coast #TXFurFlight can sign up here!

Those who wanna do the East Coast #TXFurFlight can do so here!