We’re back and on the double! New for 2018, get to Midwest FurFest early on Wednesday as well as Thursday with a return on Monday! All flights are nonstop and operated by Alaska Airlines

Enjoy suiting up at SFO and onboard, free drinks, food, fast wifi w/ power, and a guaranteed seating together with your furry friends for a flat price! Plus, we’re offering some additional goodies for the trip too.

We offer a choice of two round trips from SFO to Chicago O’hare, convenient  enough for you to get to the airport in time as well as enjoy the con!

Because all flights are round trip, nonstop and sold as a whole, we don’t officially provide one way or mixed timing trips. That being said, if you must return on a different flight than what you left on, we will try our best to work with your needs. All trips return on Monday 12/3

Early Bird Trip: Wednesday November 28; Monday Return

SFO 10:00 AM ✈ O’Hare   4:20 PM
O’Hare 11:50 AM ✈ SFO 2:59 PM

Classic Trip: Thursday November 29; Monday Return

SFO 10:00 AM ✈ O’Hare   4:20 PM
O’Hare 11:50 AM ✈ SFO 2:59 PM

We have many ways you can enjoy your trip! All fares are round-trip and refundable unless otherwise noted up until September 25.

For information about payment, refunds, mileage earnings, and upgrades, please check out our FAQ.

Level 1: FurFlight – $356

  • Round trip flight + carry-on
    • Add Checked Bags for $45
  • Collectable pin
  • Doggo Baggo Amenity Kit
  • MaryMouse Certified FurFlyer badge

Level 2: FurFlight Extra – $460

  • All of the above, plus…
  • 1 Checked bag
  • T-shirt with art done by local artist.
  • In-flight WiFi Pass

Level 3: FurFlight Delight$595

  • Limited to 6 Spots
  • All of the above, plus…
  • In-flight meals and drinks.
  • Lounge Access at either SFO or ORD
  • Party Bus to MFF Hotels from Airport and back

Level 4: Mile-High Package  – $1490 

  • Limited to 3 Spots
  • All of the above, plus…
  • First class seating
  • Lounge Access at SFO and ORD
  • Chauffeur Service to SFO (up to 100 miles)
  • Party Bus to MFF Hotels from Airport and back.

Doggo Baggo Amenity Kit Included in Flight

Arrive in comfort and style with a collectable bag containing toiletries and gifts from various fandom creators. This pack includes:

  • Contact*Caffeine Soap and Perfume
  • Soap Pony Lip Balm
  • Custom Furry Socks
  • Knitted Hat from  DragonCrafts
  • Eye mask with a design from a local artist.

Otter Plane Plush$30

Use it as a pillow or a snuggle buddy! This flying mustelid is an excellent traveling companion.

Collectable T-Shirt – $25

Remember the trip and show the fun with a fun t-shirt made by a local furry artist! Shirts are available for pre-order only.

Party Bus $20

 Skip the walk and arrive at the con in style! This fun way to go features stylish seating, complimentary drinks, music, and videos. Be transported from baggage claim to the Hyatt (Main Hotel) and nearby Skybridge/Hilton-Branded hotels, as well as picked up at the end of your con journey for a fun ride back to the airport. Limited to 12 people per flight.

Outside the Bay Area? SFO a pain to get to? We can provide ground transportation or air services on demand, even if you live in Sacramento, Fresno, Napa, Mendocino, Monterey, or even Reno!

Stay tuned for more information.