Main Coach Group

First Class, Main Cabin Select, One Ways

Now for something completely different…

Unlike normal flights, you will not be receiving an individual reservation as you all have been booked as a group. But worry not as your seats are guaranteed! On the day of, do the following:

  1. Walk to the Virgin America ticket counters (do not go to the Alaska counters). Proceed to Full Service or if you have Virgin Elevate/Alaska MVP Status, go to the Red Carpet (see Below Illustration)
  2. Show your ID. The ticket agent will then give you your ticket.
  3. If applicable, drop your complimentary checked bag
  4. Meet with folf under the cloud sculpture (see illustration)
  5. Once he notices you, proceed to security.

This only applies to the following passengers:

First Class – Blaze Collie, Blizzard Fox, Lakota Lander, November Wolf, Smash, Zantal

Main Cabin Select – Axio, Chairo, Kashra, Kilo, Shale

One Way Coach – Koray Otsoa, Saigon

You should get an email from either Alaska Airlines or Virgin America to check in 24 hours prior. Please follow the prompts to check in and proceed to drop your bags (if applicable) at the ticket counter at the day of.  Proceed as you would any other flight.

I would recommend arriving at 9am to allow ample time to get your ticket, drop your bag, and go through security. Please check-in no later than 10:15. DO NOT APPLY FURRY STANDARD TIME; PLANE NO WAITY FOR YOU LAZY TAIL

Rough approximation of SFO check-in Area

Get Ready to Fly - Boarding Order

Boarding begins 40 minutes before we depart (approximately 11:40am outbound and 1:01pm on return), and goes in the following order.

Please be at the gate around the respective time and not stand in line until your group is called:

1) First Class
2) High tier elites (Alaska MVP Gold + 75k, Elevate Gold)
3) Priority (youth and families)
4) Main Cabin Select, Low Tier Elites (Alaska MVP, Elevate Silver, Virgin Credit Card holders)
5) Group A (roughly back half of plane)
6) Group B (roughly front half of plane)

SFO Shopping and Dining

Have extra time? Wanna grab a bite? Forgot something? Here is a terminal map with a list below of what is offered! Not listed but also included are museum exhibits, a play area, and a yoga room.


Note: Expect to pay about $14-$17 for a full meal at the airport, even at quick service eateries. All items at every inside eatery are a la carte and can add up (believe me, I had to stay the night in this terminal once).

1) American Airlines Admiral’s Club

Airline lounge with complimentary coffee, drinks, and snacks. Ample seating and wifi. $59 for a day pass or free with one of the following:
– Admiral’s Club membership (2 guests free)
– Citi/AAdvantage credit card (2 guests free)
– Executive World Elite MasterCard (2 guests free)
– Concierge Key

2) Compass Books

Books, magazines and newspapers, stuff to read on the flight if the IFE isn’t your thing.


Clothing Store. Reported as closed.

4) Khiel’s

Skin, hair, and other cosmetic items

5) XpressSpa

If you need a few minutes to freshen up and have cash to burn. $36 manicures $15-$80 for massages.

6) Napa Farms Market

Fresh Deli, sandwiches, salads, sweets, baked goods, and pastries. Whole Foods price range

7) Mosaic Gallery

An in-airport art gallery with expensive merchandise you’d be hard pressed to actually buy and carry on with you.

8) Vino Volo

Wine bar with tapas and tasting

9) InMotion Entertainment

Last-minute electronics such chargers and headphones. Has a habit of upselling.

10) Pacific Outfitters

Travel supplies, clothing, and luggage (seriously… who buys a suitcase at an airport?)

11) Greetings from San Francisco

Gift Shop featuring local goods

12) Sunset News

Typical Airport newsstand and convenience store

13) Lark Creek Grill

Table-service bar and restarant. Steak and seafood. $$$

14) Andele

Quick-service Mexican Food. $$

15) Burger Joint

Burgers, fries, shakes, quick grab-and-go for full service price. $$

16) Natalie’s Candy Jar

Candy shop. Knock yourself out.

17) The Plant Cafe

Fresh organic, free range quick-serve food. $$$

18) Pinkberry

Frozen Yogurt

19) Peet’s Coffee.

Yes there’s two locations: The one on the Virgin side serves sandwiches, the one of the AA side has shorter lines.

20) Wakaba

Quick-service japanese food and sushi, akin to mall food court. $$

21) Cat Cora

Cocktail bar and small plates. $$$

Stay Connected

Also included in the terminal are various desks for laptop/device usage, with copious power outlets as well as free WiFi. If any of the food isn’t up to your speed or you don’t have the time, please stay tuned for a later email showcasing what’s onboard.