You are still representing the furry fandom in a public and high-security space.

As far we’re aware, this is the first time any large-scale furry event has been organized on an airplane – let’s not make it the last. I’m sure many of you would want to see this continue again in the years to come to much more cons.

As a reminder, this is not an exclusively chartered flight. Just like in the hotels you’re staying in, we are not the only passengers aboard and will have rows of everyday civilians trying to make it to their next destination. Please treat them, airport staff, and the flight crew with respect, as you would any other flight. Practice good hygiene. The consequences for disobeying or challenging the rules as if you’re in your own private flight can be catastrophic and effect the entire group in the long term.

The airport and the flight itself is in a highly secured environment. Virgin America has your personal legal information, which is shared with the Federal Government. Any misbehavior could result in you or the entire group placed on a no-fly list. Airlines do talk, and while being booted out of one airline may seem bad, keep in mind there’s only few choices left to go for.

Disruption of the flight crew’s tasks or unruly behavior in the flight itself could result in a a flight diversion or Virgin refusing to bring us on the return flight. You don’t want yourself or us as a whole dropped off in Kansas, or left to find our own way back now would you?

While Virgin itself has a cool vibe (and I encourage being more relaxed and cheerful, reacting to announcements in a civil yet lively fashion), please don’t be like wild animals. You behavior can and will make or break both this and future events. 

Fellow travelers, please keep each other accountable; we’re all in this together. If you see someone having a bit too much to drink, howling/causing a ruckus, or attempting the mile high club at their seat, make them cut it out or report appropriately. We are counting on you and each other to make this fun, safe, enjoyable, and repeatable for all.


If you fail to comply with these rules AT the airport and in-flight (I mean, seriously?),  you will be removed from the group without refund and subject to all TSA fines and consequences from government and Airline. These rules apply to everyone and the consequences can affect us as a whole. Don’t you even think about doing it.

General Guidelines

1) Masks off in Security. No heads for suit in security. If you must wear your suit, make sure it can fit within the economy seat (18″ width x 32″ legroom), otherwise, please check it in. Seriously, just imagine navigating down the aisle in your full plush suit.

2) No suiting through security. Just don’t. They need to see your face and need to be able to pat you down if needed. Seriously, they outright called me about this.

3) Do not join the mile high club. The plane is Virgin for crying out loud.

4) Keep it PG and civil. Just like conventions and other public furry events, you are representing the fandom and this group to a general audience. Even though we occupy 55% of the plane, there will still be normal human beings onboard. Common sense applies here, and any malicious/poor behavior activity may jeopardize future trips and put us in bad light. Please be conscious of yourself and others.

5) Contradictions to above: There is some (complimentary) R and 17+ content available in the In-flight entertainment, as well as the WiFi being unfiltered. This being said, please be mindful of those around you when watching TV or browsing the web.

6) These rules are subject to change depending on airport and airline policy.

Fursuiting Guidelines

Once you get yourself screened, you may have the ability to change into suit and be escorted to the gate and retail environments and start the fun early!

Keep in mind that this is the first time we have done this, so please obey the following:

1) Suits off in security. No argument about this. This is a no brainer.

2) There may be a changing space post security to allow those to suit up. For convenience, I’d recommend sticking to partials or heads/tails/paws

3) You will be escorted. We will have an escort courtesy SFPD between security and the gates. You will also be escorted to the eateries and restrooms.

4) BE RESPECTFUL! As mentioned before in the email this is the first time we’re doing anything of this scale and we don’t want to make it the last and get major repercussions. Don’t damage property, don’t bother other passengers unless they approach you. Don’t make noise, don’t steal from stores. The stakes are high here, so be good boys.

5) Heads off when boarding. Gate agents need to see you when scanning ticket. Also, the plane is very narrow and very dark when boarding, so it’d be pretty bad idea to wear a head while finding your seat. Suiting on the flight itself is to the discretion of the in flight crew.

6) Again, be respectful in flight and don’t actually act like an animal.

7) Obey all staff instructions. If commanded to take heads off, take them off.