Welcome aboard a unique experience in the sky. Once stepping onboard, be prepared to be immersed in a shower of purple, pink, and blue hues to the tune of electronic chillstep, designed to soothe the squeeze into a tiny space. Get yourself settled into place, and enjoy a few items above what you may expect from a typical flight.

Each seat is equipped with a seatback screen running on an Android-based platform (effectively, a built-in tablet), capable of surround-sound HD movies, on-demand food ordering, and even interacting with other passengers! Never stay bored, and live it up.

Stay Entertained

Enjoy over 100 options of film and TV shows at your disposal plus various Live TV channels, all for free. While Entertainment is subject to change (we may have some holiday offerings), expect the following options under Watch:

In addition, enjoy the following LiveTV channels:

– CBS – NBC – FOX – CW – WGN America – Comedy Central – Disney Channel – ESPN – ESPN 2 – USA – TNT – TBS – Bravo – E! – CNN – MSNBC – FOX News – CNBC – SF Giants Channel – Little Monsters Channel – Onboard Virgin America (Promo Channel) – BoingBoing – LinkedIn Channel – Virgin Produced
Finally, enjoy over 1,000 musical selections under “Listen”, all for free and you can mix and match songs into your own playlist by pressing the + button next to the song of choice.

Talk it Out!

On one of your armrests is a remote that can be detached and turned into a keyboard. This can be used to chat with other passengers onboard the plane, either to the entire plane or to a select number of passengers akin to a telegram group.

After the safety briefing, I will invite everyone in our group to the chat feature. While the system asks for a name, it isn’t necessary as they don’t show up anyway. Poke your senpai 20 rows ahead of you and send them a drink if you wish!

Eat Up!

Didn’t feel up to anything at the airport? You’re in luck! Virgin America has been rated number 1 for healthiest airline foods in US. So, while the price is about even with terminal food, it may be worth buying. While this is one drink cart run shortly after takeoff, food can be ordered at any time by pressing the “EAT” button on your seatback device. Just tap the selections you’d like, swipe your card, and have it delivered to you within seconds. Seriously. Eat as much as you’d like.

By this point, you get the idea that food onboard isn’t free. Unless you’re in Main Cabin Select or First Class, all edibles outside on non-alcoholic stuff is for purchase. Below is a selection of what is available:

Caveat Emptor – not all options may be available and the plane may run out of food on flight, so order early, order often

Stay Connected

Our Plane will be equipped with GoGo Air-to-ground internet. You can connect once we reach 10,000 feet (check the map to keep track). Keep in mind bandwidth is limited and connections may be slow. Should you need to charge your devices, between each seat is a universal power outlet, USB ports, and for some reason an ethernet port.

While you will have to pay for a full-on web connection for the entire flight length, you have two options to enjoy some free internet:

1) If you have T-Mobile, your basic plan will get you one hour of free WiFi. If you’re on One-Plus, the entire flight will be free.
2) Free Messaging,Thanks to Alaska’s takeover, you can connect to the wifi and send messages on Facebook, Google Hangouts, and iMessenger for free. You could also try and access telegram and twitter this way, but expect connections to be throttled down.