They will navigate a maze from their terminal to the centralized hotel shuttle area, waiting a while in the cold, frigid, air for an open spot on a crowded bus, crushed like sardines not unlike the plane they settled upon.

You will be able to grab your bag and simply walk outside to a cozy shuttle with amble room for a fursuit, and immediately go straight to your hotel with all the friends you made onboard the flight, plus get back at the end of the con just in time!


Pickup: Chicago O’hare Terminal 3, straight from Baggage Claim arrivals area.

Hotels Served: Hyatt, Hilton, DoubleTree/Embassy, Crowne Plaza

Drop Off: O’hare Terminal 3, Virgin Check-in, 2 hours before departure.

Cost per person is $25 round trip due 10/25. Send payment via the following options:

Square: $CanisVulpes