Group Adventures

Going to a major event? Want go somewhere fun with friends? Enjoy a break and go there in stylish fun with us in our organized events and trips.

These adventures fall into two Categories: Weekend Getaway and Event Trip

Weekend Getaways

These adventures are just that: a trip to a city or attraction. These are usually designed for small groups. Lodging is included with transport depending on the destination. Please see the Getaways themselves for specific details.

Event Trips

These are round trip flights/charter buses to fan conventions in the United States. Flights are booked at a group rate with an existing airline (Alaska, JetBlue, or Southwest) with guaranteed seating and baggage discounts.

Due to the nature of these trips,  origin locations are limited major cities within a region. You may need to book a connecting flight on your own end.

For events within driving distance, group charter buses may be provided.

Most journeys are from the US West Coast, but we’ll add more places as demand allows.

Upcoming Weekend Getaways

Upcoming Event Trips