Enjoy the con before and beyond the con!

Take off with fellow party animals from anywhere on the west coast and get there early if you wish! We have teamed up with both Alaska Airlines and JetBlue to provide you all a fun-filled round trip from almost every furry capital to the world’s largest furry con! In addition, connection services will be provided to those who wish to take part but aren’t close to the departing airport.

Enjoy the following perks:



Choose your home:


From Seattle or SFO
  • 1 free checked bag
  • No Middle Seat
  • Free telegram messaging on own device
  • A wide selection of free entertainment, streamed to device of your choice
  • Free Cookies and artisan West Coast-inspired fusion meals
  • Seasonal Craft Beers
  • Faster boarding and deplaning

Trips start at $193 (or a $49 deposit).


From Boston or DC
  • 1 free checked bag
  • Free High-Speed Satellite WiFi
  • Free Live TV, Satellite Radio, & On-Demand Films
  • Unlimited choice of free, full-size snacks
  • Fursuit-friendly Legroom

Trips start at $148 (or a $37 deposit)


In 2017, CanisVulpes held the inaugural Midwest FurFlight from San Francisco, departing on Thursday November 30 and returning on Monday December 4. This was done by requesting a group reservation on an scheduled Virgin America flight.

Originally blocked off for 50 seats in economy, we had to expand to accommodate over 70 furries on the same plane with some taking over First Class and a majority of the plane itself! The response was overwhelmingly positive from furry passengers and the airline alike that it was inevitable to continue on for 2018 and Beyond.

Click here to learn more about 2017’s Midwest FurFlight, or click here to see a video done by one of the passengers.


Conventions are lots of fun, so why have your trip be so boring and stressful? Haven’t you always wanted to go with the fuzzy friend that you’ll see over the weekend? The team Canis Vulpes has worked hard to ensure that this journey will be as fun as the con itself.

On FurFlight, you can enjoy  the following:



Expect to get more than just a seat. You can bring a carry on guilt free, and you can check a bag without a fight with the simple flight levels! There will also be free soft drinks and cookies onboard, plus free power to plug your devices in so you can enjoy free entertainment onboard. Basic economy doesn't exist on FurFlight, and the service onboard will make you feel humane!


Treat yourself to a goodie bag full of toiletries and useful items by various fandom artists, a special badge, and a custom luggage tag!

Also, why stress about getting to the con from the airport? We offer a complimentary shuttle just for you!



Yes! Enjoy being an animal before you arrive at the convention! We have officially sanctioned costuming permitted post-security and onboard from both SFO, Boston and Seattle.

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