Are you heading to Midwest Furfest? Are you an outgoing individual who’s willing to work with and help others? Can you go above and beyond to make amazing things happen? Are you from the West Coast and like a free trip? Are you from Chicago and just wanna help? You may be a perfect fit to becoming a Midwest FurFlight SkyCollie!

What’s a SkyCollie? It’s one who helps FurFlyers before and during the journey. You’re the guide! As a SkyCollie, you will be tasked with:

– Answering questions and concerns about the trip and flying.

– Provide assistance with ticketing, refunds, and upgrades.

– At the airport, you’ll confirm that furry travelers are on the flight, and give out the appropriate amenities per passenger.

– Also at the airport, you will be the liaison between airport crew and FurFlyers

– Handle Fursiters post-security in the terminal

– Ensure all guests are compliant with FurFlight, Airport, and Airline Policies

– On the plane itself, relax and enjoy the ride,  walk around and check on everyone if you’d like.

– At O’Hare, we’ll hand it off to SkyCollies over there to either guide passengers to the Party Bus or walk them to the hotel shuttles.

– On return, repeat the check-in and guide process; gathering FurFlyers in your hotel and help as needed.

– Access to the FurFlight social media to assist and promote.


– Ability to attend and stay at/by Midwest FurFest (having a hotel room/shared room preferred)

– Social media/telegram access

– Must be able to reach SFO, ORD, or SEA within 2 hours of departure (30 minutes to landing if ORD).

What’s in it for me?

Enjoy your flight on us. You will be comped up to FurFlight Delight level and enjoy 2 free checked bags, lounge access, plus the party shuttle. In addition, all SkyCollies will be given memorable gifts and treated to a dinner at con.

Creating memorable journeys isn’t a solo band, it’s a team effort. Come join the team!