FurFlight runs similar to how cons at hotels work. We’re offering seats at a group block rate on an existing scheduled commercial airline flight. While we will be in our own block, and we’re taking care to make sure we have entire rows for furries, there will be other passengers onboard. Please act as you were representing the fandom publicly by treating other passengers and flight crew with respect.

When you pay, the money is held with us until 60 days prior to departure, when it is then sent to Alaska Airlines. An 8% service fee is added to all FurFlight airfares and extras. Up until the 60 day point, the airfare barring the service fee can be refunded or rolled over to another FurFlight convention. Payments for extras such as the Doggie Bag and T-shirts are processed and sent to the respective artists at the end of the week and are thus non-refundable.

Up until 60 days prior to the flight, you can request a refund or have your funds rolled over to the next FurFlight Convention.

Yes you can! However, due to the way seat assignments are done for group flights, we strongly urge you and your other(s) book around the same time to ensure you all will sit together.

We have worked closely with SFO and SEA to ensure we can have this awesome perk. In both of these airports, please keep your heads and suit off when going through TSA screening. Once through, follow instructions to a dedicated changing space. You will then be escorted to the gate. If you plan on suiting, please arrive to the airport 2 ½ hours in advance.

Our initial 2017 FurFlight was flown on Virgin America, picked specifically for its warm attitude and party vibe. In 2016, Virgin America was acquired by Alaska Airlines and officially ceased to exist in Spring 2018. As a result, any future FurFlights will have a drastically different experience, and mitigating any transition issues was a top priority.

After research into other airlines, including agent interaction and actual flights, we have decided to continue with Alaska Airlines for the time being as they met our needs: Excellent customer service, consistent product across the fleet, full service amenities, hubs at west coast furry populations, no basic economy fare, and flexibility to assist group travel requirements. The team at Alaska Airlines has gone above and beyond to make sure all our questions were answered, and gave us a convenient group fare without much hassle.

Time will tell to see how well they work in the long term, but for the time being Alaska Airlines has been the ideal choice.


While we offer our own goodies to make your flight fun, Alaska Airlines has a variety of amenities offered onboard including: Free power at every seat, free cookies, free streaming movies/TV shows to your device, healthy food for purchase, and satellite wifi. To see what exactly is offered, please click here.

Can I get into First Class?

There’s three ways you can get a seat upfront:

  1. Book a seat outright on alaskaair.com. Keep in mind that prices can change.
  2. Book our Mile-High Package and get extra goodies alongside!
  3. If you’re an Alaska Mileage Plan Elite Member (MVP, MVP Gold, MVP Gold 75K), you can apply yourself to the upgrade waitlist. To do this, call Alaska at 1(800)252-7522  and ask to remove yourself from the group reservation, stating that you wish to place yourself on the upgrade waitlist. Once you do this, contact us with your confirmation code so we can note you down (and ensure you still get your swag). Upgrades are then processed automatically by Alaska in the following order:
    • MVP Gold 75K: 120 hours before departure
    • MVP Gold: 72 hours before departure
    • MVP: 48 hours before departure

Keep in mind that the upgrade waitlist is based on availability and does not guarantee you a first class seat.

On the day of the flight, proceed to the Alaska Airlines counters and show your ID. You will receive your boarding pass then and there. Should you get an email or notification from your Alaska Airlines app (provided you’re a Mileage Plan member), you do not need to check in early.

All Flight Levels allow carry-on (22” x 14” x 9”) plus one personal item (backpack). If on Flight Level 1 (FurFlight), you can check a bag for an additional fee ($50 each for the first two bags, per round trip flight) at the airport. Flight Levels Two (FurFlight Extra) and above waive the first checked bag fee. Likewise, fees for the first two bags are waived if you’re either a Mileage Plan MVP Elite member or An Alaska Airlines Credit Card Holder.

One of the top priorities was to avoid connections where unnecessary, but also work with an airline that matches the needs as mentioned above, while also offering ideal flight times. We also want to make sure that those outside a small neighborhood can easily fly in to join the FurFlight without issues themselves. This required departing from major city airports.

We know that in some cases the airport of choice may not be ideal for the region we promote in, and are working on ways to mitigate this. For instance, if you’re in Portland and want to take part, we’ve worked with Alaska Airlines to ensure you have a hassle-free air shuttle from PDX to SEA and back, so no need to drive three hours for a four hour fight. In Southern California, we will work hard in coordinating shuttles and transit so you won’t have to drive into LAX (also, the Alaska Terminal there is actually nice).

Good news: You’re free to add them on after you sign up!

The FurFlight Levels are just bundles that conveniently group items together for those that wish to have a more inclusive experience and are willing to pay the full price upfront. However, pending availability, there is nothing stopping you from checking your bag (for a fee at the airport), buying an otter plane plush toy, or joining in on the Airport-Hotel Party bus after signing up for the flight.

We’re looking at other places and cons to go to! If you would like a FurFlight from your area to your favorite con, please fill out this form and we’ll keep your suggestions in mind!