Who Are we?

Have you ever been somewhere and wished to share the experience? Be with someone you like, your friends? Wish you could have them go with you to fun places and events? Going somewhere new and wish you had others to go along? We at CanisVulpes want to make that happen.

We want you all to  be together on unique and memorable adventures aimed towards a warm and fuzzy audience.

Making the Journey Fun

Every other weekend, hundreds upon thousands of creative and talented individuals migrate to conventions and events to congregate and socialize and, well, be party animals if they wish. This social aspect is an essential part of this community that it made sense to extend the experience to the journey itself.

We know that for many the travel is the most stressful part of the convention experience, which is why we want to make it easier and more fun. We organize Group flights and other journeys from the US West Coast to conventions and events around the country, and provide helpful guides, tips, and extra fun to make the journey better and about as fun as the destination!

Taking Flight

In the late Fall of 2017, we did our inaugural trip involving 70 folks on a flight between San Francisco and Chicago. The adventure was a memorable success.

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