Have you ever been somewhere and wished to share the experience? Be with someone you like, your friends? Wish you could have them go with you to fun places and events? Going somewhere new and wish you had others to go along? We at CanisVulpes want to make that happen.

This social aspect is an essential part of this community that it made sense to extend the experience to the journey itself.

We know that for many the travel is the most stressful part of the convention experience, which is why we want to make it easier and more fun. We organize Group flights and other journeys from the US West Coast to conventions and events around the country, and provide helpful guides, tips, and extra fun to make the journey better and about as fun as the destination! 


Legally speaking, we are an LLC (Limited Liability Company) based in Northern California, functioning as a tour operator for a niche audience. We specialize in group tours and trips designed to encourage social interaction and fun memories as well as making otherwise mundane journeys more enjoyable.


Our flagship service is FurFlight, organized group reservations on commercial flights to fan conventions across North America. These flights include flexible fares and unique perks such as ability to wear costumes onboard. Since 2017, FurFlights have proven to be a win among passengers and aviation staff, and we are actively looking to expand in the coming years.

Beyond FurFlight, we are working with local communities to set up transportation options such as unique charter busses or trains to conventions from areas that may be too close to justify flying. Our main intent, as always, isn’t to just make a cheap way to get to an event, but to make the journey to the event as fun as the event itself.