I would like to provide a final update on the now cancelled Midwest FurFlight 2018. Everyone booked on the flight should have now been issued a refund back to their original form of payment.

For those that have patiently waited for this to happen, my sincerest gratitude towards your patience and understanding, for giving me time to arrange for this to happen. For those that have raised a chargeback with their bank/credit card provider or PayPal, those should have all been processed without disputes and CV FurFlight will not be contesting any of these charges.

My deepest apologies for not able to provide the refund sooner, and my understanding that you needed those funds back sooner so alternative arrangements can be made. If anyone are still, for whatever reasons, waiting on the refund to show up, please contact via info@canisvulpes.com and I will make sure that it will be processed ASAP.

Once again, my deepest apologies for letting all of you down, I hope that you have all managed to sort out alternative travel arrangements and enjoy Midwest Furfest.

I hope that one day, the concept and idea of FurFlight will be revived and provide a fun way to travel to the next furry convention/event, if not by me, then by someone else.

– Michael Fulton (Mike Folf)