Error 101

I should have known my first trip to the bay area would be interesting when I got pulled over for speeding, but no ticket. I was on my way to San Jose for my first furry convention back in early 2010. my main goal was to get a book by my favorite Author and I made good time and made it down without a speeding ticket.  I got my book and got to explore a bit which was awesome!

The return home was not so good. Bare in mind I had never driven in the bay area and was driving for less then a year so my experience in big city traffic wasn’t great at all. I turned the wrong way on 280 and wound up on CA 101 north to San Francisco. I called home to ask for directions to get on the right side of the bay home to no avail. I passed all the main bridges and missed my turn for the bay bridge for 80 East towards Sacramento and wound up going over the golden gate bridge which was amazing. my tail wagged a mile a second crossing it but I was stuck trying to find my way home.

I finally wound up in a little town called Petaluma, where I stopped and asked for directions with out going back through San Francisco. I was directed to take 116 to 12 and that took me on a back way to Fairfield, and after getting gas in Dixon I made it home after being on the road for about 5-6 hours.


End result was I got my book and my first furry con experience, however because I was 19 still in high school and getting using my money from my mom for school. I got grounded, but it flew by because I just laid back read my new book!